dance floor lighting

Everything we do at XYDJ is tailored toward wedding celebrations, and our lighting is no exception. We keep our lighting setup compact and discreet. Importantly, our lighting is designed for the dance floor only, and remains off until ​after​ the first dance (photographers prefer it this way). We do not provide decorative lighting (such as uplighting), as we don’t want to risk conflicting with stylist, florist or venue décor.

Dance floor lighting is optional, so here are some photos and videos to help you decide if it’s right for you:

Colour wash lights. IMAGE: Thomas Stewart Photography

The lighting consists of wash lights (as seen above) which create a colour fill on the dance floor, and some spotted lights for effect.

The video below shows how the lights look in action on the dance floor (from 5:09 elapsed):

If you have any questions about our lighting setup, do not hesitate to get in touch.