Boathouse Palm Beach

If ever there was a venue suited to the Corona “from where you’d rather be” campaign, this would be it. Bathed in warm afternoon light, it’s the ultimate feel good waterfront venue.

We are versatile when it comes to providing music at The Boathouse. There are many different spaces and potential setup locations, which is why we arrive prepared for any and all possibilities. We’ll work around your specific arrangement and floor plan to ensure the music and audio is clear throughout.

Here’s a look at one possible setup at Boathouse Palm Beach:

The featured setup is compact and unassuming so the focus remains squarely on enjoying time with family & friends (we don’t need to be the centre of attention).

Our friendly team of DJs will be happy to work with you in preparation for your celebration to ensure we deliver just the right music for both this space and your taste.

If you have questions about our setup at Boathouse Palm Beach, or any element of our service in general, don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 855 144 or use our contact form: